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Find the best business leads with access to the largest, most extensive B2B database in the industry. You can select quality leads by geography, business type, annual sales, number of employees, credit ratings and more. Buy verified and accurate Industry Wise Mailing List and market to businesses in relevant industries, such as Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, hospitality, Education, Transportation, Automotive, marketing, or any of the industries listed below.

  • 42 Million Businesses Emails
  • 31 Million Business Executive Lists
  • 2.6 Million Health Services Email Database
  • 170,000 New Business Lists

Medical Mailing Database

Business Leads Total Records
Hospital Mailing List 361,000
Medical Mailing List 2.6M+
Biotechnology Mailing List 3,319
Medical Device Industry Email List 14,712
Medical Staffing Mailing List 14,674

Mining Industry Mailing Database

Business Leads Total Records
Mining Industry Email List 22,172
Coal Mining Email List 1,320
Stone-Crushed Stone Mining Email List 1,320
Gold and Silver Mining Email List 1,084

Hospitality Mailing Database

Business Leads Total Records
Hospitality Mailing List 170,138
Hotel and Motels Email List 73,758
Inns Business Mailing List 9,831
Resorts Mailing List 5,562
Restaurant Mailing List 69,140
Accommodation Services Email List 5,720

Non-Profit Organization Mailing Database

Business Leads Total Records
Association Mailing List 2,071
Charities and Foundations Email List 2,236
Charity Mailing List 13,162
Non-Profit Organizations Email List 22,856
Social Services Mailing List 3,832
Social Workers Mailing List 4,937

Government Services Mailing Database

Business Leads Total Records
Fire and Rescue Email Lists 2,692
Local Government Mailing List 14,126
Public Sector Mailing List 41,560
Government Email List 31,470
Fire Department Mailing List 2,691

Agriculture Mailing Database

Business Leads Total Records
Agriculture Mailing List 22,136
Poultry Farms Mailing List 5,984
Dairy Farms Mailing List 6,731
Livestock Production Mailing List 17,120
Fisheries Industry Email List 1,462

Media and Printing Industry Database

Business Leads Total Records
Newspapers Mailing List 40,312
Paper and Allied Products Mailing List 7,416
Library Mailing Lists 18,132
Radio Stations Email List 1,071
Paper Industry Email List 7,300