Data integration, Business data management, Data migration, CRM data management and Data appending service to enhance the value of your marketing data.

Improve Marketing Optimization

  • Improved data accuracy enables better management decisions, reduces risks and enhances performance Accenture.
  • We assess the optimum methods for managing your different databases, including any new data that has been bought or collected throughout the campaign.
  • We can fast track data discovery using a variety of services, enhancing your campaigns and maximizing your return on Investment with our award winning methodology.
  • Good data is fundamental to the effectiveness of any B2B campaign and will dramatically improve the response rates and cost effectiveness of your demand generation campaigns.

Mailing Data Solutions has been a pioneer in the business of providing direct marketing services to firms involved with worldwide direct marketing.

  • Email Services
  • Address Hygiene
    • International Address Hygiene
    • Canadian Address Hygiene
    • U.S. Address Hygiene
  • Postal Presorting
  • List Enhancement
  • Merge/Purge
  • Data Appending Service
    • Email Appending Service
    • Target Account Profiling
    • Data Appending Service
  • Data Warehousing
  • List Rental Fulfillment

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