Our tools enable the highest level of data quality and effective data integration - critical in ensuring a single view of the information.

CRM Data Management Services Clean and De-duplicate your CRM data

Data cleansing is key to ensuring data quality. Your organization’s name and address data is constantly decaying, so data correct when captured may no longer be correct now. Mailing Data Solutions enhances your data assets by profiling and cleaning data, by migrating and consolidating data and by securing and governing data. Mailing Data Solutions offers a complete portfolio of services to manage data as a valuable enterprise asset. Our expertise is in the management of the full data lifecycle including strategy, development and deployment of the enterprise information infrastructure, associated business processes and compliance-driven data governance:

Our value derives from our systems integration expertise, our proven industry best practices and our collaborative team approach.

  • Data Quality, Profiling, De-Duplication
  • Migration, Any Legacy Silos to Any Platform
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Quality, Profiling, De-Duplication
  • Data Security, Infrastructure, Networks
  • Data Governance, Business Rules, Policies

Data management Solutions

Data management requires a single and accurate view of data and data cleansing enables this. Our services extract, deduplicate, standardize, analyze, validate and enrich data. Our cleansing approach is driven by our experience in business rules management and in data governance compliancy. Mailing Data Solutions migrates and integrates your data assets across a variety of functional areas - financials, ERP, CRM, supply chain, e-commerce, and outsourced operations. We leverage web services to deliver real-time business intelligence and process management.

  • Remove any Existing Duplicates
  • Match Phonetic, Miskeyed, Abbreviated Data
  • Merge / Purge, Intelligent Lookup
  • Automatically Case Names & Addresses
  • On Demand Cleansing, Real-Time or Batch
  • Master Data Management (MDM)Prevent the Addition of Duplicate Records
  • Data Recovery, Data ReplicationRelocate Data Elements to Correct Fields
  • Data Enrichment
  • Business-Rule Driven Data Governance

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