Our Data Cleansing Services can provide the lifeblood of your business. Clean, accurate customer and prospect data is the prerequisite to any sales, marketing and customer management strategy and can deliver a range of benefits for businesses. Our data enrichment specialists verify and validate all information of records against the trustworthy online as well as offline sources. It improves ROI and enhances your brand loyalty in the market.

Email Appending Service

MDS email append services are available for both consumer and business-to-business files. MDS email appending services can provide accurate deliverable e-mail addresses, we guarantee the emails are deliverable and you only pay for confirmed emails. Our B2B email appending service finds deliverable business email addresses for up to 85+% of your corporate postal records.

  • 100% Opt-in: All emails are permission-based and CAN-SPAM compliant
  • High Match Rates: Over 45% to 85%+
  • Your Investment: Pay only for successful appended and delivered email addresses
  • No Middle Man: Execute email append matching via our in-house database
  • Quality Control: Performs all CASS standardization and customer matching in-house
  • Free Match Test No obligation to determine the results you would receive
  • Fast Turnaround: Receive your match report within 48 hours!

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