When your email lists contain non-valid emails, the hard bounces from your campaign will destroy your sender reputation and trigger spam and fraud blocks. Verified email lists protects you from penalties by offering the most comprehensive email verification solution on the market, making sure that your email lists are bounce free, valid and delivering high ROI. MDS can reduce your bounce rate by 98% and help your messages get delivered.

Validating email addresses benefits the email marketing campaign by improving the deliverability and open rates. It protects your sender reputation. The higher your reputation, the higher your deliverability.

Mailing Data Solutions email validation service allows you to perform
full email hygiene and cleansing, using:

  • Advanced syntax verification, according to the Internet IETF standards
  • International domain names (IDN) and international mailboxes check
  • ISP-specific syntax validation, with support for dozens of the biggest ISPs
  • DNS validation, including MX record(s) lookup
  • Disposable e-mail address (DEA) validation
  • Comprehensive Mailbox Check
  • SMTP connection and availability checking
  • Thorough Spam Trap Suppression
  • Mailbox existence checking, with grey listing and temporary unavailability support
  • Catch-all testing

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