Accurate, complete and timely data is a necessary prerequisite in today's enterprise.

Mailing Data Solutions Marketing Database Service can help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, and make your database and direct-marketing efforts more productive.

  • Clean your customer file by correcting wrong addresses, phone numbers and more
  • Help you improve mail deliverability and results
  • Append our information to your file and see what your customers have in common
  • Help you identify opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling
  • Segment your customers according to demographics and lifestyles

We will analyse your data, identify the key data fields, data characteristics and attribute values that are required to support your campaigns, and help you to consolidate your data into one common data format. We will compare your data to the agreed benchmark criteria to establish the most urgent priorities for your data.

Using a combination of automated discovery and interactive analysis processes, Mailing Data Solutions Data Explorer defines the content, structure, and quality of highly complex data structures. Mailing Data Solutions Data Explorer alerts you to hidden inconsistencies and incompatibilities between data sources and target applications. and it helps you communicate what you've discovered about the data with others in your organization, Profile, discover and understand the current state of data to reveal anomalies and problems that require immediate attention before data migration begins.

Discover the profiling tools meant to do business

  • Minlmize the risk of data quality problems proliferating throughout the organization.
  • Enhance the success of enterprise-wide data quality initiatives by giving data profiling responsibility to those who understand it best-business data analysts and data stewards.
  • Instill confidence that the data upon which the business relies to make strategic decisions is high quality.

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